Capital Region Childbirth Education

CBE like you've never seen it

Every birth is different, and so is every family. That's why Vocal Birth Doula Services offers customizable childbirth education. Choose from several expertly designed plans or build your own course and series. Either way, your time is precious: make it count and choose a class that's tailored to your needs, every time.

Birth/Labor Doula in New York's Capital Region

care you can count on

From the moment you learn you are pregnant, your to-do list explodes! From learning all of the things to buying all of the things—and let's not forget actually building and birthing the baby—it can be a little overwhelming at first to take care of all of the things. But hiring a professional doula can help put your mind at ease: while you take care of that to-do list, let us take care of you.

Postpartum Doula and Infant Care in New York's Capital Region

Expert Postpartum & Infant Care
Offering Peace-of-mind OvernighT

Congratulations! You birthed a baby (or three—multiples, yay!). Now you're home. Are you soaking up those newborn snuggles, or struggling to get some shut-eye? We can help you focus on the former and enjoy the latter! Adding a postpartum & infant care specialist to your team means you get to rest—while we do the rest.

Sleep Coaching

In-Home Sleep Coaching
The Sleep Support OF YOUR DREAMS

You’ve read all the books, mommy blogs, and Google results for “how to get my baby to sleep,” but nevertheless here you are, again, seeking solutions to your sleep problems.
Whether you’re struggling to stick with it or you just don’t know where to start, we can help. Unlike other sleep coaching options out there, our process includes face-to-face support while you sleep train your baby, so you know just what to do every step of the way.


Placenta Encapsulation in New York's Capital Region

We also offer personalized placenta preparation.

Self-care takes many forms. Placenta encapsulation is taking the birth world by storm, and for good reason: while all of the evidence surrounding placenta consumption is currently anecdotal, many have touted placenta encapsulation as the best plan they've made for their postpartum care. From a boost in both energy and milk supply to a shortened postpartum-bleed, the reported benefits are incredible!






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