When people think of doulas, often they only think about labor and how a doula may help them achieve the birth they desire. But here at Vocal Birth Doula Services, we value the whole experience and want to support you throughout your pregnancy AND your birth AND your postpartum period. That's why we also offer antepartum doula services, or doula support for pregnancy specifically.


Why Would I Need An Antepartum Doula?

well, there are a number of reasons, actually:

  • You may have questions—about pregnancy, about birth, about life after birth. We have answers and resources to support you as you navigate your concerns.

  • You may be experiencing physical discomfort already. Our physical support is not limited to the birth space: hip-squeezes, back rubs, foot massages—these are all available to you throughout pregnancy, too!

  • You may want help as you start to nest! Whether it's organizing the nursery, doing baby laundry, or prepping cloth diapers, we are happy to help you prepare to bring your little one home.

  • You may have a pregnancy-related or pregnancy-intensified ailment—hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), for example—that would make an extra set of hands, sibling care, meal prepping, or even just some good old fashioned company very helpful. We do that, too.

Antepartum packages are fully customizable—your pregnancy is unique, and our support is unique-to-you.

Support starting at $30/hr