When it comes to childbirth education in the Capital Region, you have so many options! With nearly every hospital and birth center hosting their own classes, you may wonder, 
"Why should I hire a private CBE provider at all?"

Well, the answer is simple: this isn't your typical Childbirth Education. At Vocal Birth Doula Services, classes are small (sometimes even private!), giving you plenty of time—and freedom—to ask your questions and get your answers. Additionally, because Vocal Birth Doula Services is not associated with any one hospital, you can be sure that you are being given all of your possible options, not just the ones the hospital wants you to know about. This is childbirth education uncensored. Finally, with Vocal Birth Doula Services you have the opportunity to build your very own class or series. This is your experience, after all: your voice should be heard.


Private & Group* Childbirth Education


Whether you need a flexible class schedule or you just want a one-on-one learning experience, our private childbirth education is exactly what you’re looking for. Just pick one of our formatted-for-you classes and we will bring the education to you! That’s right: learn from the comfort of your own home around your own schedule.

Are you and a friend (or a few friends) expecting at the same time? Schedule a group class! You’ll still benefit from the small-group-feel, but with the perk of learning alongside friends at a group rate.


  • One-And-Done- The full curriculum in one 9-hour** session.

  • Three Week Series- 3 classes, 3 hours** each, all of the topics.

  • Communication, Comfort, & Positions- A 2-hour** class that focuses on the most popular CBE topics.

  • Birth: the Process, the Pain, & the Positions- A 3-hour** class that walks you straight through labor.

*Max. 2-3 Couples
**Length of classes may vary based on group size and participation.



Custom Childbirth Education


Childbirth isn't one-size fits all: childbirth education doesn't have to be, either.

In addition to your choice of one of four pre-formatted class options, you now also have the ability to build a CBE class or series that is tailored to your wants and needs for your individual birth experience. Consider this a “choose-your-own-adventure” option, where your time is valued so much so that you get to choose exactly what you want to spend it on.

Your birth, your class(es), your choice.


Birth Partner Communication  |  The Birth Plan  |  The Birth Bag  |  Pregnancy Complaints  |  Nutrition & Weight-Gain  |  Common Prenatal Testing  |  The Anatomy of Birth  |  Fetal Position  |  The Labor Process  |  The Stages of Labor  |  TOLAC  |  VBAC  |  Non-medical Pain Relief  |  Comfort Measures  |  Medical Pain Relief  |  Positions For Labor & Birth  |  Interventions  |  The Welcoming Hour