Savannah Halbrook

Owner | Doula | Childbirth Educator | Placenta Specialist | Sleep Coach

Hello! I’m Savannah, the face of Vocal Birth Doula Services and, quite frankly, the doer-of-all-of-the-things. I began studying birth and parenting as I myself ventured into motherhood in 2016, and I haven't really looked back since! I completed my initial labor doula training in May 2017 and officially launched Vocal Birth Doula Services LLC in September of that same year.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of completing more than 100 hours of hands-on training in labor support, postpartum and infant care, and infant sleep coaching, collectively. Additionally, I’m a bit of a research-o-holic and continue to increase both my knowledge and skill as a birth and parenting professional through continuing education, workshops, and so. much. reading. Basically, I am wholly committed to providing the highest level of quality perinatal support to my clients—which means staying up-to-date on all things pregnancy, birth, and baby, all the time!

When I’m not at a birth, teaching a class, or supporting postpartum families, you will find me enjoying the fruits of my own labor, my two-year-old son, Jack, and exploring the great outdoors or creating something new in the kitchen. I also hold my Bachelor's in English, so reading, writing, and researching are a few of my toddler-free pastimes.