Where your voice is heard.


Born from personal passions and professional training, Vocal Birth Doula Services emerged as a safe space for parents, both new and experienced alike, to seek support on their journeys into parenthood.

From the moment someone learns they are expecting, their lives are changed, and they remain in a constant state of change and transition until the expected child is at least one year old. While historically these budding families would rely on their own relatives and close neighbors ("the village," if you will) to support them during this turbulent time in their lives, this is rarely a realistic plan for support today. Not only is it no longer the norm (in the United States, anyway) to share a multi-generational home, but many families are actually separated by miles upon miles, in different states, timezones, and countries. Add in the wonders of technology, which allows us to connect without actually having to connect, and the village is all but lost to modern times.

Parenting has been further complicated, too, by the endless stream of criticism that, thanks to technology, can't really be escaped. Instead of parenting in a nurturing environment, many parents feel as if they're being ever-examined, parenting under a microscope.

Enter: the modern doula.

Doulas have been around forever, but their popularity in the mainstream has only recently picked up as they begin to bridge the gap between old and new, between the support of times past and the way the modern family lives today.

Here at Vocal Birth Doula Services, we take it one step further: we listen. 
Your voice is our priority, and our goal is to amplify it in every conversation—because when it comes to your pregnancy, your birth, your parenting choices, it's simple: it's your voice that matters. We offer no judgments, no agendas, no well-intentioned-but-heavily-shaded-"advice"—just professional, compassionate, personalized support as you navigate these big moments in your life. We believe in you and that you know what is best for yourself and for your family, and we want you to feel confident, powerful, supported—we want you to feel heard. 

And, to ensure that you are, we bring the village to you.



Why "Vocal Birth"?

Your voice is your most valuable and powerful tool. It will carry you through your pregnancy, from announcing the coming child to sharing your desires for yourself and for your baby. It will help you to cope throughout your entire birthing experience, from moaning through contractions to making requests of your medical team and support persons. It will also help you into parenthood, as your baby will already know the sound of it the moment they enter the world; they will rely on your voice throughout their lives, both for comfort and for guidance.

Your voice is always available to you, through birth and beyond—as is your Vocal Birth doula.