You did it! You prepared to bring a baby into this world, and phew! Now they're here and you're totally crushing this whole parenting gig.

But the postpartum period is not just a moment of new-parenthood, it's also a time of rest & recovery as your body moves into a state of post-baby normalcy. Your uterus is shrinking back to its normal size, the wound where your placenta detached is healing, your organs, which shifted to create room for your growing uterus and baby, are shifting once again to return to their original locations, and your hormones are regulating.

Your body is still very busy, as are you with your new baby—are your needs being taken care of?




Placenta encapsulation will be your first act of self-care (besides hiring a postpartum & infant care doula, of course!) after your baby arrives. The most commonly reported benefits of placenta consumption include:

Fewer mood swings, and to a lesser degree.

Prevention of the baby blues.

Regulated milk supply.

More energy.

Less postpartum bleeding.

Quicker recovery from birth.

...and more. Placenta encapsulation supports your body's natural processes, easing you into this new phase of your life and all that it has to offer.*

Support starting at $300



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*These claims have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.