Support for the Whole Family.

The postpartum period is full of changes as you transition into parenthood. Whether it's for the very first time or it's that you're now integrating a whole new person into your family, Vocal Birth Doula Services is here to support you during those transitions. From physical recovery postpartum to determining your parenting philosophy (and everything in between!), you can call on us from the moment you give birth up to a year postpartum.

We can help you with infant feeding (any method you choose), sleep shaping, and even just the late-night feedings so that you get a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep. We can be there for each of the developmental leaps your baby faces in the first year of life, or each of the major transitions they make as an infant, such as moving to a new sleep space or taking their first bites of food.

We can even help with meal planning, meal-prep, and light housework in the early days, when having extra hands on deck can be the difference between a home-cooked meal and another trip through the drive-thru.

Inviting a postpartum doula into your home means getting the extra time, space, and help you need to focus on the thing that matters most: your family.


peace-of-mind overnights
8pm - 8aM

The number one struggle parents report upon arriving home with a newborn is lack of sleep. Whether sweet sleepy baby sounds keeping you awake, or late-night feedings wrecking your sleep, or any of the myriad of things that contribute to restlessness inthat first year of life, let us help.

support starting at $40/hr
lower rates for larger packages