What We Do


Step One: Get Acquainted.

First things first, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire and a scheduled phone call so we can get a really clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. From there, your Mommywise Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach will come to your home and get to know you, your baby, and all of the ins and outs of your current sleep(less) situation. They will then create a sleep plan for your baby that is tailored to your family’s needs, taking into account your baby’s age and developmental stage, the geography of your home, your lifestyle preferences and parenting philosophy, and more.

Sleep Goals
Sleep Training

Step Two: Move In.

Your Pediatric Sleep Coach will stay with you in your home for 3-4 days throughout the sleep training process, adjusting the sleep plan based on real-time observations of your baby’s behavior to ensure a truly customized sleep solution. During this foundational period of training, you will be invited to catch some z’s, all the while knowing that your baby’s needs are being met and that you have immediate expert support for any questions that may arise.


Step Three: Stay Connected.

Your baby will already know how to sleep through the night by the time we leave your home, but we know that there may be bumps in the road—an unexpected illness, a bout of teething, a challenging developmental leap—and that you may have questions. Over the next four weeks, you will have unlimited access to your Pediatric Sleep Coach to help you in navigating any of these normal-but-difficult challenges you and your baby may face, and to ensure you have all of the tools you need for any obstacles you may face in the future! We want you to feel successful, and we stay by your side until you do.