Baby, It's Cold Outside! ...So, What Should Baby Wear?

Winter is quickly approaching in the Capital Region and you may have noticed the temperature has already begun to dive in the past few weeks. As it gets colder, the thought of leaving the house for any activities may seem daunting, especially when you think about having to bundle up your little one every time you have to trek outdoors.

When it comes to dressing your baby for colder weather, you may have some concerns. Common questions parents ask about appropriate winter wear for babies include:

How many layers should my baby be wearing?
What if my baby gets too warm?
How can I keep my baby warm in their carseat and stroller?
What about when baby-wearing?

These are all valid questions to consider when building your child’s winter wardrobe—and they all have pretty easy answers, thankfully!


First, a general rule when dressing your baby for the weather is that they need one more layer than you are wearing. So for example, if you are in jeans and long sleeves, baby would need pants + long sleeves + and a light jacket. 


Second, layers are your friends! Having multiple light layers that you can put on or take off of your little one in order to adjust to the temperature differences indoors and outdoors is key to keeping them comfortable. This is also helpful when it comes to putting baby in their carseat, where fluffy coats are a safety hazard but you want to ensure they are warm while the car is heating up. Make sure the layers are tight-fitting so you can get a good, safe fit when you tighten the car seat straps! 


If you’re still concerned that your baby is too cold, you can place a blanket in their laps or put their puffy winter coat on backwards so that these additional layers are OVER the car seat straps, not under them (see example here). 


These techniques work for the stroller, too, but you also have the option of blankets like the BearHug Blanket or buntings, which have specific holes to run the stroller straps and buckle through. Additionally, some strollers have weather-appropriate coverings that fit over the whole stroller.

The same rules you follow when putting your child in their carseat are also helpful to follow when preparing to baby-wear, since getting a good fit is also important. A few good, tight-fitting layers plus your body heat will go a long way towards keeping baby warm! There are also jackets specific for baby wearing that have extra room for front-wearing or products like Extendher, a panel that attaches to a jacket you already own and love to make space for baby-wearing (or a pregnant belly!). 

One Little Giggle also demoed their handmade carrier covers at The Petite Retreat a few weekends ago, which snap onto the carrier itself to create an extra layer of warmth and protection, and to cover those dangling baby legs!

(The best thing about Extendher and the One Little Giggle products I’ve mentioned? The makers of both are local small businesses you can support this season!)


My final baby-friendly winter wear tip is for those with babies who will be playing in the snow: make sure that whatever number of layers you opt for, the outermost layer is waterproof. Whether you go the full-snowsuit route or just grab some waterproof separates to slip on over what baby is already wearing, keeping the wet out is also important to keeping little ones comfortable in the upstate this winter,