Motherhood Has Two Sides

Let’s talk about motherhood:

One day you’re snuggling a sweet, sleeping newborn, the next you’re shushing and rocking an inconsolable babe. One day you’re daydreaming about who your child will grow up to be, the next you’re begging them to stay little forever.

You cheer them on at every milestone they reach because you are genuinely proud and excited and in awe of their new skills and independence.  And you quietly and frantically whisper, “slow down,” at every milestone they reach because you’re genuinely dreading the next new thing that proves they are, in fact, growing up.

You may even confide in your mother, your spouse, your friend that you feel silly emotionally-flip-flopping over all of the new things your baby is learning and doing and saying.

But you aren't "silly"; you're just learning the first lesson of motherhood:

Everything about motherhood is two-sided, one sad and one sweet.

People tell you it will happen, but they don’t warn you that it’s going to happen all at once, over and over again. In case you need to hear it, here’s the truth: it is normal to look forward to the new experiences. It is okay to wish your baby would crawl, walk, talk, go to college, what have you—to be excited about what’s to come!

In those same moments, it is normal to want them to stay your baby forever. And it is okay to worry and wish that time would just stop for a minute.

The sweetness, the sadness: they go hand-in-hand, and smack you all at once.

Soak up every moment. Give yourself and your child grace in the hard ones. Cry if you need to! This is motherhood—bright and bittersweet.