Go Go Baby Gadgets!: 3 Tips For Building Your Best Baby Registry

By: Savannah Halbrook, Owner | Doula | Childbirth Educator @ Vocal Birth Doula Services

A question as old as birth itself:

What should I put on my baby registry?!

Okay, okay, it's not quite that old, but it is that common! The mommy boards are filled with parents asking for recommendations about who to create a registry through, what items are must-haves, which items they can do without, etc., etc., so I figured today was as good a day as any to tackle this topic together!

Here are your doula's foolproof tips for creating the best baby registry for your family:

1. Go, on: poll the masses—but remember that you are you, not them.

Ask people you know and trust what they recommend! They will love being involved in your baby-planning, and if you're anything like them, they may have some great suggestions for your registry! But remember: what works for one person/baby/family does not always work for another, so it's okay to veto suggestions or go against the advice of others when you want (or don't want!) something specific for your family. Some people *swear by* the DockATot, for example, while others are much more into AAP-approved sleep surfaces. Many people will say to forgo the changing table, but some (myself included) *love* that extra, designated area for diaper time.

Whatever you choose, it needs to work for you! So consider the suggestions others make and handle them according to your priorities for your family.

2. Think long-term.

I know, I know, teeny-tiny baby things are so. cute. It's easy to get caught up adding all of the tiny clothes and tiny toys and tiny towels to your registry—and it is totally fine to put them on there! But it's also worth it to consider longer-term needs, as time really flies in that first year. Registering for larger clothes and diaper-sizes (or one-size diapers, if you're going the cloth route!) will help you be prepared for that day your baby wakes up two sizes bigger than when you put him to bed because #hellogrowthspurt.

Stocking up on wipes, diaper cream, breast pads, nipple cream, and other essentials you may be using throughout all of the days—not just the early days—can give you some peace of mind by helping you feel prepared for the long-run.

3. Consider registering for personal services.

When we think of registries, we often think of helpful products, but it is becoming more common (thankfully!) for parents to include actual help on their baby registries. Why am I thankful for that? Because parental self-care is important, and sometimes the best way to care for yourself is to pay someone else to do it.

And isn't that the purpose of a registry, really? To help meet the needs that come with bringing a new human home?

Whether it's house cleaning, labor doula services, postpartum & infant care, a nanny bank for when you return to work, meal prepping, or even a birth & baby photographer fund, adding services to your baby registry will help you (or us!) to take care of all of the things, and maybe have a little fun, too.