Complementary Perinatal Care Series: Reiki Healing

This blog post is the first in a series on complementary perinatal care, where we will cover a variety of practices that may be utilized during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as methods for addressing the changes you and your body undergo during this transitional period of life. We are not doctors and, as always, recommend consulting with your provider prior to beginning additional or alternative treatments.

According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Reiki is a “spiritual healing art.” It is neither based on belief nor suggestion, and while it does require the practitioner to place hands on you, it is also not massage therapy.

Like massages, though, Reiki is one of many avenues of additional, complementary care people may pursue during the perinatal period as they seek comfort and relief from common stressors that accompany this transitional time of life. Today, a local Reiki Healer & Instructor joins us on the blog to share a little more about what Reiki is and how it may benefit expectant parents.



In the most basic understanding, Reiki helps people to relax—which in and of itself addresses a lot of the minor issues many deal with on a daily basis that are often linked to stress, both physical and mental/emotional.

According to Gina Clemente, a Reiki Master & Instructor located right here in Saratoga Springs, NY, Reiki addresses the mental and emotional parts of us, “shifting things back to what is naturally good for people.”



Reiki is “a practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands.” In a typical session, a client may chat for a few moments with the practitioner before lying on a massage table on their backs (fully clothed), where they’re then covered with a blanket. 

The practitioner may dim the lights, there may be some aromatherapy being used, and even some quiet, calming music playing in the background.

Throughout the session, which is typically about an hour in length, the practitioner would place their hands on different parts of the client’s body—attuning to the client’s needs and connecting with the client’s energy system to facilitate whatever healing may need to be done. You may experience warming or tingling sensations at the points of contact, or even a sort of bubbling—an involuntary release.

There is no talking during this time.

(Reiki can also be done from a distance! Learn more about that here.)


“A lot of people are interested in dealing with problems in more natural ways. People don’t want medication or medical intervention; they like it because it’s not invasive,” Clemente says. “Reiki [also] enhances other experiences, adjusting energy systems. For example, people who see a chiropractor say they receive a better adjustment after a Reiki session. I like to think of it as complementary care. And you can learn to use it on yourself.”



“Reiki can help calm the overwhelming feelings that come along with [pregnancy] and raising a family. It helps the [pregnant] woman stay relaxed and calm, and also helps the baby as well. We notice the baby seems to calm down during a Reiki session. And people have actually used it during childbirth,” Clemente explains. “Men learn Reiki to help their wives and children. It’s also a great way for [parents] to connect with their children. People use it to help with sleep, or for minor things such as headaches. A lot of times women can’t take [certain] medications during pregnancy, so Reiki is a tool people can use to help themselves.”


Like chiropractic care, or even exercise, it may take a few Reiki sessions to experience the full benefits, but, according to Clemente, “usually people feel a lot lighter afterward. It can be challenging to explain, but once you experience it you can kind of understand how it will benefit you. I encourage people to thread [Reiki] into their lives, to make it a part of their lives.”

Gina Clemente, Reiki Master

Gina Clemente is a Reiki Healer & Instructor in Saratoga Springs, New York.  With over 14 years experience she has conducted thousands of Reiki sessions and has taught over 150 students from all over the USA. Gina is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Gina’s private practice is in Saratoga Springs, but she also travels upon request to consult, teach, and give Reiki sessions to others. Her passion & mission is to educate give & share Reiki healing so people can help themselves and those they care about.  For more information visit her website.

Have you utilized Reiki during pregnancy, birth, or postpartum? We would love to hear your story! Contact us to share how Reiki complemented your perinatal care. And stay tuned for more discussion of complementary/alternative perinatal care available right here in the Capital Region!