Doula Top 5: Apps For Pregnancy & Beyond

By: Savannah Halbrook, Owner | Doula | Childbirth Educator @ Vocal Birth Doul Services 

Apps often make our lives easier, consolidating a mess of lists into a single magical, clickable icon we can tap time and again to keep things organized. They have apps for everything these days! Grocery lists, calendars, period trackers—and yes, even apps to use during pregnancy and postpartum.

But with so many options, you may find it overwhelming trying to find the right apps for you and your family. Let us help!

Here are five of our favorite pregnancy and baby apps for managing this crazy (and amazing) time in your life: 

1. Ovia Pregnancy

There are SO MANY pregnancy tracking apps, but this one is a favorite of mine for a few reasons:

-Simple, clean setup makes it really user-friendly.

-Customization allows you to choose how you want to keep track of your baby’s growth. While the typical trackers offer a weekly food item for comparison, Ovia allows you to choose from food, toys, or even animals, so you can enjoy telling your friends and family that this week baby is the size of a wombat.

-Weekly videos by the creator of the app follow her through her pregnancy (aligned with yours), and she discusses some of the common changes and concerns that arise throughout pregnancy. These videos can be helpful as you brainstorm questions for your provider, your doula, or your upcoming Childbirth Education classes.

-Built-in contraction timer, so when it’s go-time you can go right back to your trusted app you’ve been using all pregnancy, and count on it to count your contractions for you! 

2. Baby Connect

The ultimate baby tracking app! Diapers, feeds, sleep, growth stats—you name it, this app allows you to track it.

But that’s not even the best part! You can grant anyone access to your child’s tracker, so that even when baby is being cared for by someone else—another parent, grandparents, friends, nanny, or your postpartum doula—all of the things can continue to be tracked in real-time, and you’ll have access to exactly what’s recorded as soon as it’s recorded. #winner

3. The Wonder Weeks

If you aren’t familiar with The Wonder Weeks, I definitely recommend checking out the book, but even without it, this app is gold.

Basically, it tracks the various periods of development your baby will go through in their first two years of life. During these “leaps,” as the app refers to them, you may find that your baby is a completely different baby—more clingy, more fussy, more tired (or maybe less!), and if you’re nursing you may experience clusterfeeding during this time (though it more often accompanies growth spurts, rather than leaps).

Not only does the app help you understand how you’re baby is experiencing and interacting with the world during these transitional phases, but it can help provide some peace of mind when you are able to connect the more challenging responses (clinginess, crying, etc.) to an actual reason. Plus, it predicts everything in advance, helping you prepare for what’s to come.

4. LactMed (If Feeding Baby Breastmilk) 

Truth Bomb: Pumping & Dumping due to taking medication (or even alcohol consumption) is rarely required, despite persistent recommendations to do so.

LactMed, which is part of the National Library of Medicine's Toxicology Data Network, is a database of drugs and dietary supplements that may affect breastfeeding. Updated monthly, it compiles the current research into easy to access summaries for each medication/supplement listed. You can use the app to figure out if a med you are taking or are considering taking is safe while breastfeeding.

(You can also call InfantRisk directly at (806) 352-2519 to speak to an expert regarding any questions or concerns.)

5. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a next-level sound machine app that allows you to create a variety of “white noise” combinations to find the sweet, sweet song that will lull your baby (and you!) into a sweet, deep sleep. From traditional white noise to purring (yes, like a cat) to the sound of a running vacuum—this app has all of the noises, and allows you to layer them to create a custom melody that works best for you and yours!

The best part? It keeps playing even if you need to leave the app to check messages or scroll Facebook. 

Well, there you have it: this doula’s top five app recommendations for pregnancy and beyond!

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