Preparing Your Pets For Siblinghood

As the time approaches to bring your new baby home, you may be nervous about how your first baby—your fur-baby—will handle the new addition. You love them, afterall, and don’t want them to feel replaced or resent their new family member.

We get it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help make this transition easier on everybody:

Quality training is a good first step.

The sooner, the better. Training sets expectations for your pets behavior and creates a shared language between you and them—which is helpful when you need to set new boundaries, say, when you bring a new miniature human home.

Set up a safe space for your pet.

Make sure they have a space that is all theirs, where they can go when they become overwhelmed or just want to rest undisturbed. While a newborn may not pose a threat to their territory per se, newborns eventually become rollers and then crawlers and then—you get the idea. Go ahead and set up a space now that will be off-limits to little hands so your pet has time to get comfortable and really make it it’s own.

Create a care plan for once the baby arrives.

Will you need help taking your dog for a walk? Will your cat require grooming that you may not have the time for, at least in the beginning?  Start working out the logistics for ensuring your pet is still receiving quality time and care after their new person comes home.

Introduce your pet to baby’s scent before you actually bring baby home. 

If possible, taking blankets and/or clothes from the birthspace that have been worn/snuggled by baby back to your pet to allow them to familiarize themselves with the smell of this newcomer can help “introduce” the new baby. This way, you’re easing this new addition into their life slowly (and quietly!).


These are just a few of the ways you can make this big transition in your life a little smoother for you and your loved ones, particularly the furry ones. Consider making these tips part of your nesting projects and you’ll get a double-dose of satisfaction as you check them off your list!