Birth Toolbox: Do You Know Your Bishop Score?

Near the end of pregnancy it’s common for the cervix to enter the spotlight, as cervical exams are often offered at each appointment starting around week 36. Even friends and family become invested in what exciting things your cervix is up to, the question of dilation arising again and again in conversation!

But there’s more to predicting labor than dilation.

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I Wish I Had Known About Postpartum Doulas

I had no delusions of being a “perfect” parent, but I did have plans that didn’t pan out—and not because they were far-fetched, just because I didn’t have the type of support I needed.

I didn’t know then that I could hire someone who...

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Pained and Pregnant? Ease Those Aches With 5 Simple Tools

Pregnancy is pretty cool—I mean, come on, you're building a whole other human being from scratch! But it can also be pretty exhausting—I mean, you ARE building a whole other human from scratch. And it can even be painful—you know, because you have to carry around that other human for a few months. 

Here are a few simple tools to have on hand to help ease those aches and pains...

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When Should I Call My Doula?

Something that makes doula care unique to the care you (usually) receive from your providers is that you have a direct line to the person you're trying to reach. With great access comes great responsibility—and maybe you're a little worried you won't know when to call. Or maybe you're afraid you'll "call for no reason."

Well, let's put those fears to rest! Here's a doula's guide to calling your doula.

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Cesarean Birth Support? Doulas Do That!

Doulas. Do. It. ALL.

Whether you give birth at home, a birth center, a hospital delivery room, or a hospital operating room; whether you choose no medication, nitrous oxide,  an epidural, or IV pain meds; whether you birth standing, kneeling, squatting, or on your back—your doula can/will/DOES support that type of birth. Full stop.

"...but HOW?"

How do doulas support cesarean births? Let me count the ways...

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Warning: Emotional Baggage

Don't worry, you won't need tissues, but we are going to get a little emotional...emotionally supportive, that is. Emotional support is one of the key pieces to doula work, and yet, like the emotions we support, many people struggle to wrap their minds around this aspect of our duties.

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The Perks of Being a Doula

Aside from just genuinely loving doula work, the truth is there are a lot of perks to being a doula: I get to make my own schedule (to some degree), I get to spend more time with my toddler and be there for a lot of his firsts, and (the best part!) I get to meet new and exciting people in some of the most marvelous moments in their lives, all while also supporting my own family.

The most unique perk that I've found, though, is...

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The Forgotten “B” of Attachment Parenting

Although Attachment Parenting(AP) is not a new concept, it does seem to have picked up steam in the realm of mainstream parenting over the past few years. Minivans everywhere are adorned with decals that declare there is a "breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bed-sharing mama" on board.

In fact, when you read the title of this post, those three things are likely the first (perhaps even the only?) B's that came to mind. But there is a lot more to AP than breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and bed-sharing.

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How to...Pick A Provider

When it comes to having a baby, you're going to make lots of decisions, not the least of which is who will provide your perinatal care. This one decision has the ability to shape a lot of the overall experience, so it's important that you make it with care.

Whether you choose an OB or a midwife, here are some questions to ask *yourself* when interviewing potential providers...

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Go Go Baby Gadgets!: 3 Tips For Building Your Best Baby Registry

A question as old as birth itself:

What should I put on my baby registry?!

Here are your doula's foolproof tips for creating the best baby registry for your family:...

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It’s Okay To Only Want One

So you had a baby, and now you’re thinking this is it: this is the only child I want. 

It’s okay.

You heard me: you don’t have to have more children.

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