Bottle-feeding? Let's Pace It!

Paced bottle-feeding is a topic of much interest, particularly in the breastfeeding community, as parents try to navigate offering expressed milk in conjunction with feeding at the breast directly.

The Infant Feeding Project recently shared about pace-feeding on Instagram (@theinfantfeedingproject), so today we are going to build on that with a video demonstrating both how and why pace-feeding is practiced, and what benefits it may offer.

Pace-Feeding Basics

  1. Infant should be upright/slightly reclined.
  2. Bottle should be offered horizontally.
  3. Frequent pauses work to pace the feed.

Pace-Feeding Benefits

  • Reduction/prevention of nipple and flow preference.
  • Discourages over-eating.
  • Reduction/prevention of gas, reflux, and upset stomach.
  • Development of oral/facial muscles.

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Also note that while we hope to share useful tips, tricks, and evidenced-based recommendations, we are not doctors. Please contact your child's pediatrician with any concerns.