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Birth Toolbox: Do You Know Your Bishop Score?

Near the end of pregnancy it’s common for the cervix to enter the spotlight, as cervical exams are often offered at each appointment starting around week 36. Even friends and family become invested in what exciting things your cervix is up to, the question of dilation arising again and again in conversation!

But there’s more to predicting labor than dilation.

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When Should I Call My Doula?

Something that makes doula care unique to the care you (usually) receive from your providers is that you have a direct line to the person you're trying to reach. With great access comes great responsibility—and maybe you're a little worried you won't know when to call. Or maybe you're afraid you'll "call for no reason."

Well, let's put those fears to rest! Here's a doula's guide to calling your doula.

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When giving birth has you scared sh******, do this:

Fear about giving birth, whether it's your first time or your fifteenth, is totally normal. The only way through it is through it, but you have to know what "it" is first. Are you afraid of being in pain? Do you fear the unknown? Are you scared of unwanted interventions?

What is it exactly that has you trembling? Put your finger on that fear, and then:

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