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What People Say About Parents Who Sleep Train - Pt. 3

Myth Number Three: “You’re teaching your baby that they can’t rely on you.”

This judgment (and it is always said with a heaping amount of judgment) builds off of last week’s sentiment that you are somehow ignoring your baby’s needs by helping them learn to sleep independently. People who ascribe to this belief are convinced that you are teaching your baby that their needs don’t matter, and that you won’t respond when they need you.

In fact, they may even believe that your baby is going to become hopeless, that they will be so convinced that you aren’t going to meet their needs that they will cease to tell you what they want or need, forever.

I have a few thoughts about this.

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What People Say About Parents Who Sleep Train - Pt. 2

Myth Number Two: “You shouldn’t have had kids if you wanted to sleep.”

I know, I know—I make the same exact face every time I encounter this comment! What even? 

People need sleep. Period. This need does not magically dissipate the moment you become a parent, though you may find yourself getting less of it these days.

And it’s true that in many cases parents are able to function on a minuscule amount of sleep, but you know, I think we need to suss out exactly what it means to function.

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One Mom, Three Babies, Three Different Stories

There are many different viewpoints on the ways we should raise our babies: co-sleep vs. crib-sleep, rock to sleep vs. put to bed awake, babywear vs. strollers/bouncers/etc.

We all have opinions and though our opinions may be great for some, we must remember that every family and every baby is different.

One of the many topics that hits close to home for this mama is formula vs. breastfeeding. This is because it is NOT always that simple.

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Preparing Your Pets For Siblinghood

As the time approaches to bring your new baby home, you may be nervous about how your first baby—your fur-baby—will handle the new addition. You love them, afterall, and don’t want them to feel replaced or resent their new family member.

We get it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help make this transition easier on everybody...

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Doula Top 5: Apps For Pregnancy & Beyond

Apps often make our lives easier, consolidating a mess of lists into a single magical, clickable icon we can tap time and again to keep things organized. They have apps for everything these days! Grocery lists, calendars, period trackers—and yes, even apps to use during pregnancy and postpartum.

But with so many options, you may find it overwhelming trying to find the right apps for you and your family. Let us help!

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Preparing For Those 2 A.M. Feeds

For many, bringing a newborn home completely shakes up their routine. Instead of feeding everyone in the house 3-6 meals before bedtime, you’ve now got a sweet little mouth asking for milk 8-12 times (roughly) per day, including throughout the night. 

Here are a few things you can do to make the 2 A.M. feed—and the others, too!—a little less dread-worthy...

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Birth Toolbox: Do You Know Your Bishop Score?

Near the end of pregnancy it’s common for the cervix to enter the spotlight, as cervical exams are often offered at each appointment starting around week 36. Even friends and family become invested in what exciting things your cervix is up to, the question of dilation arising again and again in conversation!

But there’s more to predicting labor than dilation.

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I Wish I Had Known About Postpartum Doulas

I had no delusions of being a “perfect” parent, but I did have plans that didn’t pan out—and not because they were far-fetched, just because I didn’t have the type of support I needed.

I didn’t know then that I could hire someone who...

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Pained and Pregnant? Ease Those Aches With 5 Simple Tools

Pregnancy is pretty cool—I mean, come on, you're building a whole other human being from scratch! But it can also be pretty exhausting—I mean, you ARE building a whole other human from scratch. And it can even be painful—you know, because you have to carry around that other human for a few months. 

Here are a few simple tools to have on hand to help ease those aches and pains...

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The Forgotten “B” of Attachment Parenting

Although Attachment Parenting(AP) is not a new concept, it does seem to have picked up steam in the realm of mainstream parenting over the past few years. Minivans everywhere are adorned with decals that declare there is a "breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bed-sharing mama" on board.

In fact, when you read the title of this post, those three things are likely the first (perhaps even the only?) B's that came to mind. But there is a lot more to AP than breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and bed-sharing.

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